Buddy Friends

Hannah Rose Lockwood (Shared middle name with my sister, Alexis, and my sister-in-law, Coraline. A mysterious sign..) is a supernatural being. Some could even say that she is a ladybug. Her favorite color is green and her favorite food is scabs and spaghetti (separately). Hannah is an active and treasured member of the moon club. As a leisure activity, she assembles pieces of skeletons she finds but she is very good at what she does. Hannah has weekly brunches with her good friend, Bob Ross. They discuss business plans and the latest fashion trends. She is a retired army general. She is perfect in every way and there should be at least 27 books written about her.

Braniff Joseph (First name of the former leader of the USSR, Joseph Stalin. Yet another mysterious sign.) Wiklem is a skeleton disguised in human skin to look like a HUMAN BEING. It is a little known fact that he is actually one of the many skeletons constructed by the admirable General Lockwood. He is a special skeleton because the leg bones of every model and basketball player who ever lived was used in the making of his legs. He can bend his leg three ways if you push the right spot hard enough. Do not ask if he plays basketball because he will unleash his fiery, skeleton wrath on you.

Frog World

Person Have Cat? Have Dog?
Hannah 1 0
Braniff 2 4

I only own the pictures of me and my buddies.